Lisa and Jody – Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer

I have known Jody for a few years now. He is hard to miss, especially when out surfing in Panama City Beach. He is the one being loud and stealing all the good waves! (Just kidding, Jody!) He is a good guy and it is always fun seeing him out in the water or at Eastgate on Sundays. That is why I was honored when he asked me to be his Panama City Beach wedding photographer. There are a lot of photographers in Panama City Beach, but he chose me out of the mix. Thanks, Jody. (and thanks to Lisa, of course. We all know the women make the decisions in this world. haha)

When someone trusts me to photograph their wedding day, I do not take it lightly. I always give my all to everything I shoot…especially weddings. There is no repeat to a wedding. The moments that happen during a wedding are here for a second and then gone forever. It is my job to make sure and capture as many of those moments as I can in a clean, artistic fashion. My career in photojournalism is a training ground for capturing moments. Every day I am out on assignment trying to capture the moment before it vanishes.

Jody and Lisa’s wedding was perfect. Jody brought surfboards he shaped himself as the backdrop for the ceremony. It was July in Florida, but surprisingly not too hot. (Although, I still worked up a sweat with all the running around taking wedding pictures) The ceremony was filled with songs by a couple different performers and with beautiful words by the officiant for the evening, Rob Woodrum. After the ceremony the sky turned a wonderful shade or orange which made for a great natural backdrop for wedding photos of the bride and groom. There was also a large piece of driftwood that washed up about 20 feet from where the ceremony was held at St. Andrews State Park. Bonus!!

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding, Jody and Lisa. You make a great couple!

panama city beach wedding photographer

We were blessed with a beautiful sunset for our photo session. (Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

panama city beach wedding photographer

This large piece of driftwood landed in just the right place for our after wedding portraits. (Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

panama city beach wedding photographerpanama city beach wedding photographerPanama City Beach Wedding PhotographerPanama City Beach Wedding PhotographerPanama City Beach Wedding Photographer

Panama City Beach Surf Report

Being landlocked in Tennessee my growing up years I always dreamed of surfing. It only took 11 years after I left Tennessee, but I finally moved to a place I could surf! The first thing I did (after getting married my beautiful bride at St. Andrews State Park) was buy a surfboard. After a couple years, I finally got to the point to where I could sit in the lineup with the surfers I aspired to be as good as. If you are coming to town and want to give surfing a try, check out the surf reports below and see if the waves will be good during your stay. If you would like some recommendations on where to get a board or surf, contact me and I would love to help you out. See you in the lineup!