My Favorites This Week – Panama City Photographer

It’s a pretty fun week so far for this Panama City photographer. I have covered boats, blood drives and everything in between. I had a moment of excitement when my reporter spotted what we thought was a cigarette-smoking squirrel. Turns out he was just snacking on a mushroom, but it still made for a fun photograph. I also went into ludicrous speed trying to get a photo of a rainbow. Traffic was heavy and the rainbow was fading in and out, but I got lucky enough to get a pretty photo for our faith page. In photojournalism you never know what you’ll be photographing. You must be ready, camera in hand, for whatever comes your way.

Panama City Photographer

Left, A rainbow is seen near First Presbyterian Church in Panama City on Tuesday. At right, A squirrel snacks on a mushroom at Florida State University Panama City. (Panama City Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Photographer

Left, Scott Springer, Special Agent at the US Department of Homeland Security, speaks about retail theft at Florida State University Panama City. At right, a woman enjoys a mid-day walk along the beach at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach. (Panama City Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)