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Panama City Commercial Photographer

As a Panama City commercial photographer, I was excited when Colette asked me to photograph her for SUP Wheels and I jumped at the opportunity. I photograph Panama City portraits and surfing all the time, but this was an opportunity to blend the two together. When I was thinking of the perfect place for the photo shoot, I immediately thought of St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach. There are boardwalks, rocks, dunes, sea oats, and a nice beach. I wanted to get out there early in the morning before the crowds showed up, so we started our photo shoot around 7:30 in the morning

It was a perfect day! Hardly a cloud in the sky, not too hot and a deserted beach. We started the photo session at one of the boardwalks as I wanted to get a nice, clean horizontal shot with Colette showing how easy it was to use the SUP Wheels product with her board. That shot proved to be fairly easy to get and we moved on down to another part of the boardwalk.

As I stood precariously balanced on the railing, Colette made a couple passes by and we nailed another cool shot. This one was vertical and had some strong leading lines. I would not recommend standing on the railing, but for a photograph I think it is OK. I did try and avoid being seen by the park rangers just in case. Haha! The last thing I wanted was to get a stern talking to by the rangers. (I am sure they would understand, though)

Now to the beach we went. The water was beautiful! Words cannot express how nice of a day it was. We started off at the top of the dune and then I had the idea to try and get a silhouette. There is just something cool about silhouettes. Many photographers think they are cliché, but I disagree. I try not to do them all the time, but when I get a chance to get a cool one I always take it. I got a couple different angles and poses and then we were done with our Panama City Beach photo session.

Colette was great to work with. She was game for any idea that I came up with and her personality really added to the photos.

I cannot wait for my next Panama City commercial photographer shoot. I am always ready for the next photography challenge. It is a lot of fun photographing different things all the time and it really helps to make me more of a well-rounded photographer. See you on the beach!

Being a Panama City photographer is a funny thing. One day I am wearing my wedding photographer hat and the next I am running up and down the beach on a beautiful Saturday morning photographing Colette for SUP Wheels. I love the diversity of this job!

Panama City Commercial PhotographerPanama City Commercial PhotographerPanama City Commercial PhotographerPanama City Commercial Photographer