Stephanie – Panama City Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Senior Portrait PhotographerThere is something about a morning photo session that is better than a sunset session. I do not know if it is the freshness of a new day, seeing the deer out for breakfast or the fact that most everyone else is asleep while I am making art, but as a Panama City Beach senior portrait photographer I love morning photo sessions.

I recently had a great sunrise senior portrait session with a wonderful young lady named Stephanie. We decided to have our photo session at St. Andrews State Park on the east end of Panama City Beach. I love that place for many reasons and it is a great place for photography.

We timed the morning just right. We got there, unloaded the car, got the lighting dialed in and here comes the sun. What a perfect sunrise it was! We could not have asked for a better one.

One of the best things about getting there early was that we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. There were a few fishermen scattered on the jetties and a couple walkers along the beach, but it was like we had our own private island for the most part.

To start out, we did a few poses near the kiddie pool. Then it was time for a wardrobe change and on the jetty area. After photographing a few different areas of the jetty, we went over to the new surfer’s boardwalk and then moseyed on over to the fishing pier.

At the pier, Stephanie found a decent sized jellyfish washed up along the shoreline. She said that she had caught some small ones a few nights before. We took some photos of the jellyfish and then wrapped up our Panama City Beach photo session by taking some photographs by the water in the shadow of the pier.

Morning photo sessions have a distinctness about them that is hard to pinpoint. All I know is that I cannot wait for my next one!

See you on the beach!

Panama City Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

Working with the fast-moving morning sun is a challenge that I love. (Panama City Beach Senior Portrait Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Beach Senior Portrait PhotographerPanama City Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

Panama City Beach Surf Report

Being landlocked in Tennessee my growing up years I always dreamed of surfing. It only took 11 years after I left Tennessee, but I finally moved to a place I could surf! The first thing I did (after getting married my beautiful bride at St. Andrews State Park) was buy a surfboard. After a couple years, I finally got to the point to where I could sit in the lineup with the surfers I aspired to be as good as. If you are coming to town and want to give surfing a try, check out the surf reports below and see if the waves will be good during your stay. If you would like some recommendations on where to get a board or surf, contact me and I would love to help you out. See you in the lineup!