Angie and Phil – Panama City Engagement Photographer

panama city beach photographerI recently had the opportunity to be Phil and Angie’s Panama City engagement photographer at Camp Helen State Park on the West End of Panama City Beach. I have known Phil for a while now and I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. There is a thoughtful, gentle kindness about him that sets him apart from the crowd. You would not expect that from a drummer (everyone knows how crazy drummers are), but is is true. Obviously, Angie must see these traits as well because she has decided to spend the rest of her life with him. Speaking of Angie…what a sweetheart! She was gracious and up for doing what it took to get the photograph just right. Thanks for that, Angie.

Now to the photographs. I think we got some doozies during their beach engagement session. Phil asked if they should bring any props to the session and he mentioned bringing beach cruisers. This turned out to be an awesome idea! (I think I may have to incorporate bikes more often in upcoming sessions. (Sorry…thinking out loud there.)

You should have seen them as they came strolling across the beach with their matching bicycles. It was a really cute sight. I love when couples match. My wife hates when I match what she is wearing for the day. I get a big kick out of it because on one hand it is super cheesy, but also kind of sweet at the same time. I think it shows a bond and a closeness when you are confident enough to be seen in matching attire. Seeing Phil and Angie with their matching bikes was not cheesy, though. It was just plain cool. The bikes were as cool as the couple and putting it all together really made for some nice photographs.

We got a few photographs with the bikes and then moved down the beach a little to get some sunset photos. I was a little scared that the sunset was not going to majestic, but it turned out to be beautiful. When I showed Phil a preview of one of the photos he said it looked like a volcano was erupting in the background. Yeah….I planned that.

Congrats to Phil and Angie. I know you are going to have a beautiful life together!

Panama City Engagement Photographer

The bike they brought to our session made for a really cool prop. (Panama City Engagement Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Engagement Photographer

I have always loved off-camera lighting and I think it works well in this photo. (Panama City Engagement Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Engagement Photographer

These guys were a blast to work with. So fun and full of joy. (Panama City Engagement Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Engagement Photographer

I like capturing the quiet moments along with the fun during my Panama City engagement photo sessions. (Panama City Engagement Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Beach Surf Report

Being landlocked in Tennessee my growing up years I always dreamed of surfing. It only took 11 years after I left Tennessee, but I finally moved to a place I could surf! The first thing I did (after getting married my beautiful bride at St. Andrews State Park) was buy a surfboard. After a couple years, I finally got to the point to where I could sit in the lineup with the surfers I aspired to be as good as. If you are coming to town and want to give surfing a try, check out the surf reports below and see if the waves will be good during your stay. If you would like some recommendations on where to get a board or surf, contact me and I would love to help you out. See you in the lineup!