Alex and Katie – Panama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Wedding PhotographerBeing a Panama City wedding photographer is a lot of fun. I know I say that a lot, but it is true.

I had an awesome time as Alex and Katie’s wedding photographer at Rivercamps in West Bay a couple weeks ago. The ceremony was in a beautiful location. If you havee ever been up there, you know what I am talking about. The quiet woods and serene waters of West Bay really kinda take you back in time. The world is a little different there. It is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of life and a perfect spot for an intimate wedding gathering. No distractions. Just love and family.

When I got there, I found Katie and her bridesmaids in a funny spot. The gym! No, they were not getting in a few quick reps before the event, they were steering clear of the boys. Oddly enough I found cool a spot for a quick portrait of Katie. It was right in the corner between a treadmill and some other big honking piece of gym equipment. We got a few shots there and then it was time for the big show.

As the guitarist played The Beatles (not that particular song…I just like that one), I set up my lights and prepared for the ceremony. With the waters of Crooked Creek and West Bay as the backdrop, I could barely think of a more beautiful spot to exchange vows. After photographing the wedding ceremony we moved outdoors to take some group photos.

The light was getting really nice and I spotted a neat area for Alex and Katie to hang out while I figured out the perfect angle for the shot. There was a grove of trees right near the water and there was one tree just kind of hanging out on its own. It really struck me as different, and the photo I got there is one of my new favorites.

After taking quite a few photographs of the bride and groom it was party time! Everyone danced and ate and had a wonderful time. And…just when I though I had photographed everything…here comes the hog trough dance! Needless to say a great time was had by all.

Thanks Alex and Katie. I hope I get the opportunity to photograph you again real soon!

Panama City Wedding Photographer

I never cease to enjoy the glow of a newly-married couple. (Panama City Wedding Photographer/Andrew Wardlow)

Panama City Wedding PhotographerPanama City Wedding Photographer

Panama City Beach Surf Report

Being landlocked in Tennessee my growing up years I always dreamed of surfing. It only took 11 years after I left Tennessee, but I finally moved to a place I could surf! The first thing I did (after getting married my beautiful bride at St. Andrews State Park) was buy a surfboard. After a couple years, I finally got to the point to where I could sit in the lineup with the surfers I aspired to be as good as. If you are coming to town and want to give surfing a try, check out the surf reports below and see if the waves will be good during your stay. If you would like some recommendations on where to get a board or surf, contact me and I would love to help you out. See you in the lineup!